2016 Study of Media Planning and Buying

A study conducted jointly by Kantar Media and James G. Elliott Co., Inc. to understand the challenges today's Media Planners, Buyers and Sellers face, and to discover areas where expectations are misaligned.

Publisher's Guides and Decks based on both Planners/Buyers and Sellers questionnaires are available for free download here:


Advertising Sales

You can outsource your entire advertising sales responsibility or only part of it to us. Either way, you will reduce overhead costs without sacrificing control. We help publishers expand magazine and/or digital sales without adding real estate or personnel costs. 

The James G. Elliott Co., Inc. adds a unique blend of advertising insight and industry knowledge to your media brand. All of our team members are experienced and professional, which results in raised awareness and an enhanced reputation for your property. Our media representatives typically handle only two properties but benefit from shared industry knowledge and best practices our structure can provide.

The Elliott Company's advertising sales representatives working on your media properties are the equivalent of your own employees. They carry your business cards, use your data systems, attend your meetings, and communicate with other members of your organization just as your own staff would. The difference? You won’t have any of the costs and headaches associated with employment, and you benefit because your field salespeople are a part of our large information network that puts all the resources of a successful national publisher’s representative company at their disposal.


  • Sales staff and sales management
  • Strategic planning, marketing and promotion for print, digital and integrated ad sales
  • Custom and syndicated research services
  • Identification of additional ad revenue resources
  • Business development, special projects, industry analysis and category assignments
  • Telesales (classified and small space) with production, billing and credit card processing