2016 Study of Media Planning and Buying

A study conducted jointly by Kantar Media and James G. Elliott Co., Inc. to understand the challenges today's Media Planners, Buyers and Sellers face, and to discover areas where expectations are misaligned.

Publisher's Guides and Decks based on both Planners/Buyers and Sellers questionnaires are available for free download here:


6 Frequently Asked Questions for James G. Elliott

Question 1: Tell me about the James G. Elliott Company

Question 2: Are you more like a rep firm or internal sales?

Question 3: Is there a concern about the loss of control when organizations outsource sales to your company?

Question 4: How do you report on your sales activity to the client?

Question 5: What surprises customers when working with the James G. Elliott Co., Inc.?

Question 6: When should you call the James G. Elliott Co., Inc.?



Checklist for Outsourcing Sales

  • Can the rep firm's capabilities deliver on your actual expectation?
  • Do you like and trust them?
  • What is their turnover like?
  • Have former employees ever sued them?
  • Are they financially sound and can they weather a downturn?
  • What is their Dun & Bradstreet rating?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they have established banking relationships?
  • Do their office locations reflect the prestige you would want to project to your customers?
  • Is there a plan if the owner retires or meets an unexpected emergency?
  • Does a big player dominate them? What happens if the player goes away?
  • Do you have an understanding of how the rep company is set up?
  • Do you have an understanding of how that firm makes money?
  • Have you examined the systems that the firm has in place?
  • Does the rep firm have a history of adapting to new systems, if thats important to you?
  • Is it understood what other services you might need in the future and whether or not this company can provide those services?
  • Do you understand what resources the firm has from a marketing standpoint, such as SRDS, Advertising Database, PIB, research capabilities and other assets?
  • Do you have a clear idea of what the firm's hiring policies are and what their employee behavior tolerance is?
  • Do you need a rep firm that can adapt to all of your systems or are you flexible enough to work with their existing systems?
  • Do they sell print or other media, like online? Do they have an online growth strategy?
  • Do they have internal sales contests and programs to motivate sellers?
  • Do they provide sales training?