2016 Study of Media Planning and Buying

A study conducted jointly by Kantar Media and James G. Elliott Co., Inc. to understand the challenges today's Media Planners, Buyers and Sellers face, and to discover areas where expectations are misaligned.

Publisher's Guides and Decks based on both Planners/Buyers and Sellers questionnaires are available for free download here:


Audience and Market Research

Elliott Company research services include:

  • Proprietary research studies (print and digital)
  • Syndicated research analysis
  • Subscriber study design and execution
  • Market research reports


Primary audience and market research, which has been prohibitive in cost to small publishers in the past, is now available to you through the JGECO Media Panel. For a fraction of the cost of inde­pendent primary research, the JGECO Media Panel will deliver high-quality and widely accepted research on your magazine and website that your sellers can use on every call.

We provide consultative expertise in strategic and content development of these studies, which are managed by market-leader GfK Mediamark Research & Intelligence, LLC (GfK MRI), the primary provider of media audience data and consum­er research in the U.S. Because of this association, the JGECO Media Panel enters the marketplace with respect and authority.  

Because this “cooperative” Media Panel is facilitated online, results are timely, flexible and frequent, with surveys planned quarterly.  In addition to reporting audience and market information, these surveys can be used for custom ad recall (like a Starch study) and to deliver information on your choice of questions.

Ask your readers about:

  • Ad effectiveness (Did this ad make you want to buy the product?)
  • Creative testing (Which ad moves you to action?)
  • Editorial studies (What subject would you like to see more of?)
  • Alternative or in addition to a subscriber study (Do you plan to purchase a new car this year?)